EGF Essence

A light, hydrating face essence that is enriched with our Barley EGF and pure Icelandic Water to perfectly prep the skin for any serum or moisturizer, enhancing absorption and efficacy for youthful and healthy-looking skin.
100 mL/ 3.38 fl.oz.

Bottle of BIOEFFECT EGF Skincare Hydrating Essence standing up underneath clear water.

A Miracle Water

Although essences are deeply ingrained in Asian beauty regimens, and have been for centuries, it is only in the last couple of years that they have been embraced by the rest of the world. Sometimes called a "miracle water", an essence is light-weight, fast-absorbing and packed with active ingredients to combat specific skin concerns.

Just a Splash

Pour a palmful of essence into your hand, about 2-4 splashes, and gently press into the skin on your face and neck. Follow with a BIOEFFECT serum or moisturizer of your choice.