Our Journey

Skincare is Broken

For years, the public (mostly women) has been pelted with new products that promise to “turn back the clock.” The result? An international, multi-billion dollar industry cloaked in mystery that offers little in the way of results but spends a fortune on brand ambassadors, advertising campaigns, and the crafting of impenetrable language.

How We Fixed It

Our company was founded by three geneticists who developed a method for creating biorisk-free recombinant proteins in plants for use in medical research. We created BIOEFFECT when we bioengineered a plant-based replica of epidermal growth factor in greenhouse-grown barley. This plant-based epidermal growth factor, or EGF, signals the receptors in your skin to create new cells, literally rejuvenating it. Skin density, suppleness, and moisture increase, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

It's That Simple

BIOEFFECT EGF serum is transparent and has only seven ingredients. Use 2-4 drops on cleansed skin to hydrate and nourish. That’s it (apply a layer of sunblock when you go outside).


Yes. When a product is this effective, you don’t need more. In fact, adding a lot of unnecessary oils, creams, and unpronounceable ingredients would ruin it: fats and oils break down proteins. Besides, we don’t believe in excess for the sake of excess. Our product is pure, simple, and efficient.

Why Iceland?

In Iceland, we’ve got glaciers and active volcanoes. Lava fields, geysers, and minor earthquakes caused by separating tectonic plates. We’ve got total night in mid-winter and non-stop sun in mid-summer. We’re a country of endless contradictions and extremes, none of which make life simple. But it’s created a culture of wild inventiveness, striking ambition, and straight-talking honesty. We use geothermal energy to heat our houses and businesses. We use inert volcanic pumice to grow our barley. Our water is so pure that purifying it makes it less so. Our challenges power our creativity.


Seriously. In medicine, EGF is used to grow skin in burn victims. Our b-EGF is a plant-based replica of this naturally occurring human protein. We grow it in our greenhouse and extract it in our labs. 30% of Icelandic women use our product. We don’t advertise, and yet we’re constantly featured in countless international magazines and blogs as the miracle product you’ve never heard of. In double-blind studies, Bioeffect b-EGF serum demonstrates up to a 60% improvement in skin thickness and a 30% increase in skin density. These numbers are unheard of in the cosmetics industry, but they don’t surprise us. Your skin is your biggest organ: we devised a way to make it renew itself.

We Didn't Set Out To Change The Face Of Skincare

But we did. Bioeffect b-EGF represents a light-year leap in skincare, redefining the very nature of what we do when we apply a product to our skin. The science is incredibly complex, the application takes mere seconds, but the results are simply profound.