BIOEFFECT skincare products for anti-aging photographed in nature

How young is young?

Ever since BIOEFFECT introduced its EGF products, skincare aficionados have raved over EGF’s ability to transform dull, tired skin, minimize wrinkles, and restore radiance as well as smoothness and a rejuvenated appearance.

EGF is renowned for its unique efficacy and potency, but are there advantages for younger skin? At what age should anti-aging skincare become a consideration? Can skin that has yet to form its first fine line also benefit from the proven effects of EGF products? We discussed the subject with Dr. Björn Örvar, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of BIOEFFECT, who had several thoughts about skin aging and the advantages of EGF skincare for younger skin. Read on for our interview below.

Q: The EGF Prevent collection targets younger skin, but how young is young?

A: The fact is, we start to age alarmingly early in life - already in our twenties, we can observe the first signs of skin aging. From birth until adulthood, our bodies manufacture copious amounts of various growth factors that affect the growth of everything from bones to organs to nerves to skin. But when we reach maturity, production diminishes. As a result, cell turnover and repair slows, eventually affecting our health and appearance. Skin density thins by 1% every year after we turn 20, and skin density is reduced by up to 30% during menopause. Therefore, the question is, can specific products postpone skin aging? It’s important to understand that the aging processes are very similar in their nature, whether in young or more mature skin– as we age our skin produce less and less EGF. With application of BIOEFFECT’s serums, skin receives EGF it lost and keeps the ability to restore itself. Therefore, the same BIOEFFECT products can be used to prevent, postpone, or reduce the signs of aging, and are appropriate for people at a young age as well as for people who want to maintain or repair more mature skin. As we are saying: “Your skin knows best: our product empowers its voice”.

Q: What signs should I look for before I start using EGF?

A: We know that our skin starts to lose collagen in our early twenties. Loss of collagen is one of the first signs of aging and it results in decreased skin volume as well as thinner and drier skin. This will unfortunately worsen over time. Eventually, the skin’s integrity starts to lessen, gradually causing it to slacken and droop.

Skin ages for two reasons: The first is due to environmental factors. Where you live, your lifestyle, and how you take care of yourself determine a great deal when it comes to your specific aging process. UV radiation (sun damage) is by far one of the most important factors, but we also know that pollution and lifestyle are important considerations. The second reason for skin aging concerns genetics. We can’t change our genes, but we can choose what we put on our skin to reduce the effects of the environment.

Q: How can EGF help reduce environmental damage to my skin?

A: BIOEFFECT EGF products supply the skin with something it gradually loses over time, namely epidermal growth factors. Growth factors instruct our cells to repair and renew themselves, which makes them essential when it comes to skincare. The growth factor in BIOEFFECT EGF is a proven conductor: it triggers the cells in the top layer of the skin to produce their own growth factors, resulting in higher skin density and increased collagen and elastin production. It's a cascading process—once you begin the cell signaling, the cells continue the process and finish it.

Because the aging process begins as soon as we reach maturity, before the finest lines have even begun to form, anti-aging skincare is a necessary consideration.

We all age, but how you age is up to you.