Explore Our Greenhouse

Explore Our Greenhouse

This week, at BIOEFFECT HQ, we wanted to offer you a little beauty escapism. We invite you to explore how our plant-based EGF skincare is produced through true innovation - combining nature and science. 

Welcome to our Greenhouse in Iceland!


We open the virtual doors of our greenhouse to you to explore the heart of BIOEFFECT. Our advanced skincare is created through biotechnology which harnesses science and the powers of nature. We focus the efforts of our effective yet minimalist formulations on one key active ingredient; EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which is produced here in our high-tech greenhouse. 

The greenhouse is surrounded by spectacular views as it sits amongst lava fields in Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. The greenhouse is also powered by this impressive natural landscape and runs exclusively using natural geothermal energy. Iceland is still a young country, which means it has an abundance of geothermal energy. This energy is created when freshwater and seawater combine with lava over 2000 meters below the surface to create hot geothermal water and steam. This is then harnessed via drilling holes at geothermal power plants and used to create electricity and heating for nearby communities.

Did You Know? The greenhouse contains over 130,000 barley plants! Each barley plant takes around 14 months of careful bioengineering so we can produce our EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) through this plant-based system. Every element of the growth process and environmental conditions are carefully monitored so that we can use safe and pure EGF - our hero ingredient, to formulate the entire BIOEFFECT range from our award-winning EGF Serum to the newest launch of our EGF Essence.BIOEFFECT GreenhouseThe barley plants are grown in inert volcanic pumice instead of soil, to minimize contamination and watered with geothermally filtered Icelandic groundwater enriched with the necessary nutrients. We truly believe in harnessing the natural resources Iceland has to offer as much as we possibly can, which is why you will also find pure Icelandic Water in our luxury skincare range - including the Micellar Cleansing Water and OSA Water Mist, and Icelandic micro-crystalline lava, from the still active volcano Hekla, in the Volcanic Exfoliator.

We hope you enjoy this journey through our Icelandic home.